You don’t fuel a Jaguar with kerosene.

Howdy Gardeners!

April is here, and that means gardeners are out in full force! Check out these great articles that will keep your garden growing strong this season.

You don’t fuel a Jaguar with kerosene.

As we move forward into Spring, many of us are awaiting the day when our plants start showing off in the growing season. If you’ve invested in a recommended variety of Texas Superstar kudos to you! You’re well on your way. However a high performance plant isn’t going to do all the work itself, so don’t sell yourself short and “fill up your luxury Jaguar’s with Kerosene”. Check out this article and learn how to take proper care of your investments so they produce the largest quantities of the highest quality vegetables ever grown. -> Side-Dressing Vegetables

Looking for a Sweet Surprise?

The name “BHN-968” doesn’t exactly make your mouth water, but read about this sweet surprise and you’ll find that gardeners all over are wild about this delicious sweet cherry tomato -> What’s in a name? Would that which we call a BHN-968 tomato taste as sweet?

Take the 40 Gallon Challenge!

Water. Our most precious resource, and as every good gardener knows an essential component to producing life on our planet. But how many of us do our part to conserve it? Why not take the 40 Gallon Challenge and see how much water you can save in a day. -> AgriLife Extension challenges Texans to save 40 gallons a day.


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